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Jiangsu nantong chongchuan district branch2019Years8Month27Number was established   Sichuan bazhong pyeongchang area2019Years8Month27Number was established   Lianyungang city, jiangsu province, lianyun district2019Years8Month26Number was established   Yancheng city in jiangsu province funing district branch2019Years8Month26Number was established   Xuzhou city, jiangsu province, jia wang area2019Years8Month26Number was established   Henan shangqiu city always area2019Years8Month26Number was established   Suzhou city, anhui province 埇 bridge area2019Years8Month26Number was established   GuangXi District congzuo city, fusui campus2019Years8Month26Number was established   Shandong jinan lixia district branch2019Years8Month26Number was established   Bottom of anxian county, yibin city, sichuan province jiang peng district branch2019Years8Month25Number was established   Jining city in shandong province2019Years8Month24Number was established   Sichuan province paper waste area2019Years8Month19Number was established   Mouth area of zhenjiang city, jiangsu province Beijing campus2019Years8Month18Number was established   Jiangsu yangzhou city jiangdu district branch2019Years8Month18Number was established   Current conditions are in yunnan province was at2019Years8Month17Number was established   Xuzhou city, jiangsu province, yunlong district2019Years8Month17Number was established   Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, hui area2019Years8Month16Number was established   Minhang district of Shanghai branch2019Years8Month16Number was established   Longnan city, gansu province wu area2019Years8Month16Number was established   Yiyang city of hunan province(In addition to guming area)Campus2019Years8Month16Number was established   Shandong liaocheng dongchangfu district branch2019Years8Month15Number was established   Jinshui district of zhengzhou city of henan province2019Years8Month15Number was established   Baoji in shaanxi jin tai area2019Years8Month14Number was established  
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