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Xi jinping international executive chairman for the machine horse generation phase ii project of housing
2014Years9Month15Day,Xi jinping, chairman and President of the maldives, abdullah abdullah·Yaming jointly attended by my company executive maldives housing project phase ii of the ceremony。
A new perspective:Zero distance the dialogue xu hui group
China united northwest institute chairman Yu Wenhai machine in a line of visiting international
Machine international bid in the east wind hinggan league manufacturing baseEPCThe project

Machine in the international engineering design and research institute co., LTD,One of China's earliest established national large-scale comprehensive design units,Founded in1951Years,

Is the collection engineering consulting、The engineering design、Engineering general contracting、Project management、Engineering supervision、Engineering survey、Engineering construction、Design and manufacture of special equipment、Complete equipment and engineering technology research in the integration of high-tech enterprises,

Headquartered in changsha,Membership in the world500Fortune China machinery industry group co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as the machine group),Is China mechanical equipment engineering co., LTD(简称CMEC,Hong Kong listed companies)A wholly owned subsidiary。


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    The company was set up

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Hold on to the bottom line Don't touch the red line|The second party branch in the third quarter, the party member conference management
Machine in the international meeting at the primary level training
“targeted poverty reductio,You and me”Series of nine:Company vice secretary of party committee、Yi, general manager of all led again into helping villages pairing support visits condolences
With innovative high quality development|Machine in the international meeting“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Theme party class and group party committee(To expand)The study
stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission| 2019Years machine international party cadres comprehensive quality training classes held successfully
Building four party branch organization DangRi activity:Red footsteps Practice the socialist core values
The machine of international management、The second party branch jointly held a special subject study
Send cool and refreshing,The heart,Ratio“The beginning of autumn”More refreshed!|The company trade union to carry out“In the summer to send cool and refreshing”Activities
Machine in the international table tennis team won made a trade union team table tennis mixed third
Strengthen the responsibility consciousness Build a bear takes office| Machine in the international2019New employees share will read
Youth is the youth|Machine in the international2019The new employee gala a successful ending
Machine in the international2019Year worker table tennis league success
The international committee of the organization in the machine“Youth heart to the party building the new age,Practice the spirit”Subject study
Take care of employees A healthy life|Its labor union held eye health seminars and clinical activities at the scene


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