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Leshan city center of primavera southern state road...
Leshan city construction engineering quality test co., LTD(The former leshan construction engineering quality inspection and test center),Was built in1989Years,As the state-owned enterprise as a legal person unit。2017Years11Month,Due to the need of development of corporatization reform,Set up the company,Leshan city construction investment development(Group)Co., LTD(简称...
The party branch To carry out“Learn advanced dedication、Sequel to change...【2019-07-22】
To carry out“Quality team、Branch to file”Thematic party day...【2019-05-20】
To carry out the JiaoYuLu thematic learning spirit【2019-05-05】
To carry out“As learning vanguard、Creating a learning party branch...【2019-04-30】
To carry out“Party member when the vanguard、Organizational tree flag”Theme party...【2019-03-19】
The examination commission agreement
Number of samples and bulk requirements
Construction materials testing fee standards to approach
JGJ 126-2015 Exterior wall face brick project...
GB 50838-2015 Urban comprehensive pipe gallery...
GB 50204-2015 Reinforced concrete structure...
《Urban road project construction and quality inspection...
Housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects...
The business license【2018-05-29】
Construction engineering quality inspection agency qualification certificate【2017-12-05】
Qualification certificate of testing institutions【2017-11-17】
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