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    The province transportation hall, etc15Department at the province to promote road freight industry...
      9Month29Monday morning,Province transportation hall、Provincial development and reform commission、Provincial education department、Provincial ministry of industry and information technology commission、Provincial public security department、Provincial departments、Provincial human resources social security hall、Save the irs、The province pledges inspect bureau、Liaoning protects inspect bureau、Provincial bureau、... 【For details】
    · ShengJu organized2017In the provinces、The intercity passenger transportation class line continuation of business...2017-09-06
    · 2017Skills contest in China——The 9th national professional transportation industry...2017-09-05
    · Safe production is energy Keep peace unity is strength2017-08-18
    · Bureau of the party committee“To meet the 19th,Do the qualified members”Keynote speech activities2017-08-16
    · Liaoning provincial bureau of transportation administration organization“Iron meditation”Theme file...2017-08-14
    Escort the 19th held great triumph
      10Month20Day,To 19 during service area management good stability,Fushun service area and fushun high-speed traffic police brigade linkage,Service area in the parking lot and gas station,Carried out terrorism prevention drill。First of all by hai-chao huang vice... 【For details】
    · A head-on blow air2017-09-07
    · Ahead of the winter to keep warm2017-09-07
    · In the face of a powerful group of bees2017-09-06
    · The first13Branch to deal with customers“One-sided”Way of the spirit2017-09-05
    · Service area for the Hong Kong attended the driving team to provide powerful guarantee2017-09-04