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Cold wire drawing series

Cold wire drawing is one of the metal cold working。Raw material is wire rod,Is the steel we used to say。After a shell and a series of process to produce the product。Is our common wire。Cold wire drawing applications:Cold wire drawing in the building materials used in the comparison,Cold wire drawing test standards are different...


Steel net series

Steel net is the industry a variety of metal mesh screen。Also known as metal net、Diamond mesh、The sizzling nets、Metals expand network、Heavy steel plate mesh、Pedal mesh、Perforated plate'Aluminum plate mesh、Stainless steel mesh、Granary nets、The antenna network、The filter net、Acoustics meshes, etc...


Fence netting series

Fence netting products are attractive and durable,No deformation,Fast installation,Is an ideal metal fence products,Can be made into a permanent wall,And can be used as temporary cars,Need to adopt different pillar fixed way can be implemented。With antiseptic、Anti aging、Resistance to bask in、Weather resistance, etc...

  • Cold wire drawing
    Cold wire drawing
  • Building tie wire
    Building tie wire
  • Change wire drawing
    Change wire drawing
  • Black iron wire
    Black iron wire
  • Small steel plate mesh
    Small steel plate mesh
  • Jinsu steel mesh
    Jinsu steel mesh
  • Barbed wire fence
    Barbed wire fence
  • Cars in the workshop
    Cars in the workshop
Steel plate

  Yunnan mong wire drawing factory(Hebei east bean wire mesh products co., LTD. Yunnan Dali branch factory)Is a production and sales of various wire mesh and wire mesh products of professional firms,Drawing is set、Spinning a web、Wire mesh deep processing and industry and trade integration of large enterprises。

  The company has the most advanced machine equipment,Strong technical force,The process of science,Perfect quality inspection system,Using high quality raw materials,Strictly the quality pass,The products are:Silk、Wire series、The Netherlands net series、Fence netting series、King kong net series、Bull bar network series、Steel plate series、Geogrid series、Slope fence series、Welded wire mesh Series and so on dozens of species,Six thousand specifications,Our company can also according to customer requirements,Different specifications of the wire mesh products。Now with the United States、Germany and southeast Asia until the dozens of countries and regions, merchants established trade relations,And has achieved good reputation in the international market。

  We've been in“The quality is excellent,Timely delivery,The price is reasonable,Considerate service”Aim for the general customer service;And is in line with"The quality strives for the survival,The credibility of development"The production principle,Won the broad masses of old and new customers the high praise。Company equipment、The craft is advanced,The enterprise internal management science,Perfect quality assurance system,The company take honestly as this,Good reputation,Trusted by domestic and foreign merchants,Products are exported to southeast Asia,The Middle East,The United States,Japan,Africa and other countries and regions。


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Steel net factory products used in the bridge against the isolation effect

Steel net factory products used in the bridge against the isolation effect

Bridge the cast net and bridge cars、Bridge fence, etc。The raw material is low carbon steel,The use of punching and shearing machine stretching the diamond mesh,Net surface evenly,Welding is firm。Specifications for example:Mesh shaped cars、Shape:Diamond mesh...




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