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Wenzhou China surplus copper industry co., LTD. The company is located in wenzhou city binhai economic and technological development zone.Company specializing in the production of high precision copper strip、A brass band、Phosphorus copper strip and plate,The main products are:Alloy nameplate:T2、H62、H65、H68、C5191、C5210And so on;The strip specification:Thick0.1~5mm、Wide20~400mm,The largest volume weight3000Kg;Plate specifications:Thick0.4~2.0mm×Wide400mm×Long800~2000mm;Product status:M、Y4、Y2、Y、T,Segmentation can also according to customer requirements;Product technical standards:According to China national standard or Japan、The United States and other international technical standards,Also can be according to the eu environmental protection standard production.……

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Copper strip

Copper strip is a kind of metal components,Product specification0.1~3×50~250mmVarious state copper strip products,Mainly for the production of electrical components、Lamp holder、The battery cap、Button、The seals、Connectors,Mainly used as conductive、Thermal conductivity、Corrosion resistant equipment.Such as electrical components、The switch、Gasket、Gasket、For vacuum electronic devices、The radiator、Conductive material and water cooler、Heat sink、Cylinder and other parts.

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Address:Wenzhou city binhai economic and technological development zone pale hing road The phone:0577-62896219 Fax:0577-62896239

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