Wuhu honored shop of hydraulic accessoriesAccording to user requirements,To design various non-standard connector,Tubing assembly
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Wuhu honored shop of hydraulic accessories

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  • 10And all level filter workshop30All level assembly workshop,The purity of the guarantee for each product to specified requirements。
  • Equipped with excellent domestic10000Filter performance testing center,Ensure each filter filtration precision meet the specified requirements。
  • 100A variety of detection tools and strict inspection process,Don't pass any unqualified products factory,Ensure the service life of the high pressure oil pipe。
Calling information:13500526718
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Years of industry experience,Reliable quality

Years of experience in industry, quality is trustworthy.

All kinds of hydraulic accessories
Manufacturer of power
Good equipment· Carefully select material

Excellent equipment and careful selection

  • Use of precision CNC processing equipment,To ensure each hydraulic fittings processing precision meet the requirements of regulations。
  • With strict abundant management experience、Original process、Reasonable material selection,Efforts to create high quality products for customers。
  • Superior material selection and regular material detection,To ensure each use of the raw materials of high pressure oil pipe body often harbors a great soul。
Calling information:13500526718
Advice immediately
High-quality service
High-quality service
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  • Companies adhering to the“Good faith for this、Strive for perfection、To strength competition、Rely on quality to win”The service tenet。
  • In a short period of time for customers to solve the problem。
  • Stick to be honest,The good faith to do things,The management idea of our promises。
Calling information:13500526718
Advice immediately
Recommended products

Cengcengbaguan,Strict management,The quality is consistent

  • The oil tube protector
  • Sandblasting pipe
  • Spray paint special high pressure pipe
  • Die hot tube
  • Card sleeve joint
  • Metal corrugated pipe
  • Extended nozzle
  • Oil hose
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Wuhu honored shop of hydraulic accessories

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