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Lele enjoy love


Lele enjoy love

Enjoy the international line\/brands of high-end and professional

High quality early education

The unique brand concept
With the philosophy of education

Security & Environmental protection

Teaching AIDS in the optimization design for the baby
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Each center is in the city
The forests of the castle

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Early education curriculum system

Love lele international development center

Lele enjoy love with more than half a century of the history of the global system of early education,Through the potential development course、Parents and well-being
Show ego creativity and creative party games help children,Inspire their own thoughts,With his own ways to respond to questions。
Enjoy love lele is committed to let parents and children to enjoy the happiness of growth,International early childhood is associated with each family。


With a history of nearly half a century early childhood music curriculum system One of the three most spell courses will be recognised eton World famous brand teaching facilities and curriculum teaching AIDS

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By improving the family parenting improve today's children,Improve the world of tomorrow

Philharmonic business qualification requirements

Love children,Interested in a career in early childhood education;

Identity philharmonic brand concept and philosophy of education;

Have strong ability of investment and market、Sales ability;

Have strong investment operation experience and management ability;

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Lele enjoy love
Lele enjoy loveLele enjoy loveLele enjoy loveLele enjoy love
Lele enjoy love


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And children together happy enjoy each and every day

Love lele early education center

Accompanied by music movement,Grow up along with entertainment!This is love lele international development center,A popular children's education institutions around the world!

Come on~Together for the child's dream,With wings to fly!

Lele enjoy love


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