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Man-made channels water conservancy anti-seepage engineering

hdpeAnti-seepage film、Two cloth a membrane、A series of seepage control material such as a membrane,It has excellent seepage control、Antifreeze、Resistance to corrosion、Resistance to acid and alkali、Anti-aging properties,Was widely applied in the artificial landscape lake、The reservoir、Drains、Reservoir、Yantian anti-seepage engineering, etc。Is the south-north water diversion project and the old Summer Palace anti-seepage engineering materials suppliers。


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Shandong jian tong engineering technology co., LTD,Located in the famous Chinese and foreign reasonable township of shandong Texas-,,With geotextile、Geomembrane traditional geotechnical materials and geotechnical new materials research and development capabilities,The registered capital6000Ten thousand yuan,Is a collection of geosynthetic materials production、Sales、Design、Installation and other geotechnical and civil engineering construction services for the integration of geosynthetic materials comprehensive flagship enterprise。With polyester、Polypropylene staple fiber、Staple fiber geotextile、Filament geotextile、LDPE/HDPE/EVAGeomembrane、hdpeAnti-seepage film、The waterproof board、The composite geomembrane、Leather base cloth、Geogrid、Large room、Engineering fiber、Bentonite pad、3 d solid soil gauze pad、Building waterproofing materials(Polymer class)Products series of geotechnical material, such as production and management ability。...

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Geotextile application field is introduced

With the development of the construction of engineering waterproof demand of anti-seepage increased gradually,The geotextile manufacturer to everyone1The main application geotextile

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Composite geotextile how connection joints
Answer: Composite geotextile is very important in construction of welding seam welding seam connection is bad will affect the quality of the whole project's seepage control。1>The compound...
Anti-seepage composite geotextile has what effect
Answer:The following is a function of seepage control composite geotextile。<1>、The material characteristics and requirements:This project USES antiseepage geotextile,As seepage control of the membrane...
Geotextile laid technology knowledge
Answer:Geotextile is also called geotextiles,It is made of synthetic fiber by acupuncture or the permeability of woven geosynthetic materials。Have a good...
The permeability of filament geotextile is introduced
Answer:Polyester filament geotextile is used polyester way by spinning acupuncture consolidation directly make it,It is applied in geotechnical engineering and civil engineering...
The stand or fall of geotextile how to distinguish
Answer:Geotextile is widely used in everyone's work,Good quality geotextile nature is the welcome of people。Believe that the industry professionals...

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