Jiangmen bear electric appliance co., LTD

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       Jiangmen bear's electric appliance co., LTD. Is a research and development、Production、Marketing of professional enterprises。Production base is located in China's guangdong jiangmen-Jiangmen bear electric appliance co., LTD,The company is a research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of household electrical appliances co., LTD,The company mainly produces steam ironing machine、The juice machine、Home oil press、Humidifier, and other household electrical appliances。And cooperation with the domestic many famous home appliance enterprises,By other productsCE、CB、GSStandard authentication,Products are exported to Europe and the United States、The asia-pacific、Hong Kong and Macao regions for the management of the company to use,2009In the companyISO9001The international standard,.. [For details]