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Why choose good Ann of automatic weighing machine

Company has strong r &d and production team

  • Company's existing engineer dozens of metal structure design and technology,From the key colleges and universities,Scientific analysis of the simulation,Rigorous design and modification of reasonable review system to ensure that the product is perfect
  • Technical development team with humanization and individuation、Younger and innovation in the integration of enterprise culture,Making technology and services continued to deepen,Innovation

Quality service and price advantage

  • From the Angle of technology and cost,Metal detection machine is produced by the company itself,Quality and service and price advantage。
  • We do this line of eight years,Product introduction of imported technology and core detector imports,High precision,Sensitivity is strong。

International certification,Equipment with high precision,Sensitivity is strong

  • Good products by AnnceInternational certification。Product quality is reliable,Stable performance,Is well received by the customers at home and abroad。
  • Our machines are all accessories after repeated use by aging and test,Choose the most suitable models。 We adopt imported accessories used in the most,The stability is good,High precision,The machine is relatively rich powerful。Throughout the year2017Annual purchase machine,A warranty for five years

Timely after-sales service,After-sales service coverage throughout the country

  • The quality of our products is reliable,Free warranty for two years,Lifelong maintenance。Can provide on-site training,When they have a problem,Have a special after-sales personnel responsible for,Malfunction during the warranty period,Provide free door-to-door to solve。

One-stop service to provide clients with needle detector machine

  • For various industries customers solve the problem of metal residue and eyewinker residue problem,Metal detection function to detect the food、Drugs、Leather、Plastic、Toy industry such as iron、Copper、Aluminum、Stainless steel and other metals,Ensure the product safety;
  • Function of needle detector to detect the breakage of the knitting industry,Prevent bad product flow to the customer;Metal separator can separate the plastic material or powdery food of the wire、Metals like copper,Avoid into the next process,Damage to the machine。
Domestic excellent automatic weighing one of seeding machine supplier
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Guangdong good Ann technology2018International baking exhibition site

  2018International baking exhibition crowded on site,Across the country have flocked to the enterprise,The scene very busy。  China's import and export fair the guangzhou fair,Hereinafter referred to as the Canton fair。Founded in1957

Automatic needle detector machine Needle detector machine daily maintenance knowledge

 Good safety automatic needle detector machine can help enterprises and users,Through the use of electromagnetic induction for breakage of metal detection,Alarm or suspend delivery, etc,Realize the inspection on the assembly line work。In addition to the needle detector machine...

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Basic knowledge of the needle detector machine

 Needle detector machine or a needle detector machine is clothing toys and other textile products must carry out a special inspection work of the special terms。For textile products will have a car in the process of sewing needle break fall in textiles,The breakage will cause harm to the consumers。So,In Japan, there is《Stitch》的

The origin of the clothing needle detector machine and functional description·

There is《Stitch》Has all the Japan sales of textiles and related products must be after needle to sales!Throughout the year70S, Japan had a serious breakage damage to death events,Said there is a baby wearing clothes with a rusty

Good Ann AnJianJi maintenance

In the daily maintenance、In the process of troubleshooting and missile d etection maintenance Attention should be paid to line repair process、Test method、Check the key areas,From the view of engineering and technology management to strengthen lines

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