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Shanwei・Cathay Pacific
Attentively complete old taste

2002At the beginning of the year,Cathay Pacific aquatic product quality

Shanwei fishing port is located in the advantageous ocean location advantage of shanwei cities significantly,Main channel depth10M,Load one thousand tons of ships in the port freely in and out,Is one of the six special fishing port。
Because in the kuroshio、Pro tide and so on two strands of warm and cold,Especially rich fishery production,Including mackerel、Pomfret、Figured out、The squid、Lobster and so on the many kinds of high quality、High value of seafood。Under the condition of the superior,In the pursuit of supply quality,Cathay Pacific with deep sea fishing boat operation to ensure the quality of source of fish。

Adopted“The company+The base+Farmers+Standardization”Mode operation,Implement modern enterprise management,The whole process from purchasing raw material to the finished product control pests、Bacteria, etc,To ensure the quality of the product。So the company set up a large pollution-free breeding base,Subordinate freshwater farms were for the record14A,Aquaculture water area10000Mu,Every year to produce high quality export raw material for tilapia20000Tons。Rich Marine aquaculture and freshwater resources,Provide a steady stream of high quality raw materials for the company。

At the same time, the company continuously introducing advanced technology,With modern enclosed production workshop6500㎡,The workshop for a full set of stainless steel production devices in streamline processing equipment,Ozone generator、Iqf machine、Vacuum packing machine、Ultraviolet disinfection、The central air-conditioning and other facilities,Technology and scale has reached the same industry-leading domestic level。

To reflect incoming ingredients of high nutritional value and edible value,Keep a good color、Sweet、Smell and taste,As soon as possible for processing of fresh ingredients is very important。Company set up quality management departments and institutions under the premise of ensuring incoming products in accordance with the requirements of the health,Within the processing finished product packaging。

The company has established the health management system,Make the employees to maintain good personal hygiene ;Regular physical examination system,At least once a year health check,Out in a timely manner“Six sick”Patient and carrier。In all kinds of health facilities and places is very perfect,Have dedicated staff personal clean rooms、Special dressing room, etc,And often tidy and clean,When it is necessary to disinfect。

Cathay Pacific has a freshwater fish processing workshops、Sea fish processing workshops、Shrimp product processing workshop、Dry products processing workshop、Minced fish mi products processing workshop、AGAR products workshop、Collagen production workshop、Frozen storage and cold storage reservoir,Refrigerated storage capacity10000Tons,One of the largest refrigerator in guangdong area,For aquatic products's ability to store provides an easy ride。

The company has been focused on food safety problems,Is hereby established laboratory test project,Test periodically according to the food safety standards for products,And set up an area of300㎡The domestic first-class research and development room,Engaged in aquatic products deep processing technology research and development。Support the test and research and development team,Guangdong university of technology、Shenzhen university and other colleges and universities to establish a long-term close cooperative relationship。

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