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   Anyang city xin until alloy co., LTD. Was established in2003Years,Is located in anyang city of henan province,Is located in jin、Wing、Lu、At the junction of four provinces,The territory rich in resources,Traffic developed。I plant strong technical force,Detection means complete,Has a perfect scientific management and quality guarantee system。My company production of rare earth from silicon magnesium alloys2002To supply the hebei emerging pipes co., LTD,Annual supply3000Tons。In addition,About every year40%The rare earth silicon magnesium alloys are exported to Taiwan,South Korea and other places。My company mainly produces the calcium silicon alloy powders(Low carbon low sulfur、Low phosphorus),Rare earth silicon magnesium alloy powder(Mg:25-45%),Bundle conductor powder,Spheroidizing agent(7-8、5-8、3-8、2-8)、Nucleating agent, etc。The company always adhere to the“Is the enterprise of science and technology,Quality is the soul of enterprise,Quality is a thriving enterprise”The guidelines,Constantly introduce for you******Products and services。 [To check the details]
The calcium silicon alloy(silicon-calciumalloys)Binary alloy composed of silicon and calcium,Belongs to the category of ferroalloy。Its main components in silicon and calcium,Also contain different amounts of iron、Aluminum、Carbon、Impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus。Iron and steel industry
  Non-ferrous metalnon-ferrousmetal,Narrow sense of non-ferrous metals is also called nonferrous metals,Is iron、Manganese、All metal outside of chromium。Generalized non-ferrous metals include non-ferrous alloy。Non-ferrous alloy is a kind of color gold
  Package is core technology80S based on jet metallurgy technology developed a kind of methods of refining outside the furnace。Bundle conductor for steelmaking and casting。    Can purify steel inclusion shape used for steelmaking,Improve the castability of liquid steel,To improve the use of steel
  Aluminum alloy deoxidation alloying low-carbon aluminium killed steel production process.The aluminum iron after deoxidation alloying,Low-carbon aluminium killed steel smelting rate from the original process93%To improve99%The above,And the quality of rolled products has improved dramatically。  The former
  My company mainly produces rare earth silicon magnesium alloy powder(Magnesium content25%-45%)、Spheroidizing silk powder、Spheroidizing agent(7-8,5-8,3-8,2-8)、Rare earth magnesium alloy powder、The calcium silicon powder、Chromium iron powder,Atomized silicon powder,Atomized iron powder
  2012-2016In the development of Chinese ferroalloy industry market outlook  For many years, this report based on the study of ferroalloy products,Combination of ferroalloy products supply and demand of calendar year,Within the enterprise group into of ferroalloy products

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