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Chongqing taicang technology co., LTD(The original chongqing panlong die casting co., LTD)Was built in1999Years,Is one specialized is engaged in the car、Research and development of atv motorcycle engine cylinder wheel、Production、Sales of private enterprises。Company is located in chongqing dadukou bridge industrial parkAArea。The company covers an area of40000Square meters,The production of construction area35000Square meters。Company existing staff560More than one,The technology research and development personnel40More than one。Companies strong technical production capacity,Sophisticated equipment,Advanced detection means perfect,With die casting、Machining、Surface treatment、Detection equipment600Sets.the。

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Chongqing taicang technology co., LTD. Is an enterprise of automobile and motorcycle and accessories,Is a registered enterprise approved by the national related department。




Address:Chongqing municipality dadukou district bridge industrial parkAArea

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