Chengdu xu jin garden co., LTD
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      Chengdu xu jin began in garden co., LTD2000Years,The director of the institute of landscape architecture of chengdu is treated as a unit、The flower of chengdu association member units,Shenzhen stereo virescence association、Southwest China architecture design and research institute co., LTD., strategic partners,And has a number of stereo greening related patent technology,Singapore's ailing beauty in the southwest of the agent。

        The company has independent design、The construction team,Focused on the three-dimensional greening(Vertical greening and roof greening)、Plant sculpture sculpture, and other areas of the solid business。Holding subsidiaries-Sichuan shu source and irrigation technology co., LTD,For vertical greening、Three-dimensional sculpture、Landscaping and irrigation engineering。

        The company has rich experience in project design and construction,Professional ability,Very skillful。Three weir and in chengdu PI county town、HongGuang Town multiple nursery base is established,And build5000Greenhouses。Welcome to visit!
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