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Water watchcase casting molding effect

Water watchcase casting molding effect

Release time:2017-1-13

In the casting machine10Years specializing in the production of automatic casting moulding machine,Fully automatic casting moulding machine,Is a professional automatic casting...

Water watchcase casting molding effect
Construction accessories casting

Construction accessories casting

Release time:2016-5-28

Strong strength of enterprises,Give you confidence;Efficient production efficiency,Let you worry;The price of the high cost performance,Let you...

Construction accessories casting
Valve casting moulding machine use cases

Valve casting moulding machine use cases

Release time:2016-5-28

In the casting foundry molding machine automatic production line,Make production more efficient:The first、Simple、Simple、Simple again...

Valve casting moulding machine use cases
Casting bearing model

Casting bearing model

Release time:2016-5-28

Fully automatic casting molding machine adopts horizontal parting box modelling way off the main features are as follows:1、A key to automatic type...

Casting bearing model
Molding machine casting
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Casting machinery equipment co., LTD is in guangdong in the casting industry long-term specialized in casting equipment、Fully automatic molding machine developed by hands-on production enterprise,Professional molding machine manufacturers。In casting machinery by absorbing the introduction of a number of advanced technology at home and abroad,After years of careful study、After thousands of times of trial and error,Creatively developed fully automatic casting moulding machine;Casting machinery in the molding machine has the characteristics of the four senior year low:High...

The effect of casting moulding machine in the production process
Casting production is a complex process of combination,It includes the following main process:1)The production process,According to the parts drawing to production、Production batch and delivery term,The state council...
Technology and application of molding machine
Molding machine wet sand molding method is applicable to most of the metal material、The modelling method for mass production,The modelling of wet sand clay modelling is an economic method。Casting factory is equipped with the control unit of the new technology,You should do step by step...
Cast in the characteristics of the automatic casting moulding machine
The main operating characteristics of the casting machinery automatic casting moulding machine:1、Independent intellectual property rights,Carefully selected high quality parts。2、The automatic level of flaskless molding machine template installation...
The characteristics of the automatic level of flaskless molding machine
The characteristics of the automatic level of flaskless molding machine:1、A key to automatic operation,Without professional workers。Every time a complete modelling just press start button at a time(Core work...